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Past Choices

Prophecy, as a reminding of the past, is a presentation of choices that have been made, or that could have been made, and the results of those choices. Prophecy points to events in the past that revealed Gods watershed actions on humanity’s behalf. When humans are confronted with the rule of God (in the New Testament, this is called the "Kingdom of God"), and the power of his presence in history, they are given a choice. The choice is between belief and unbelief, obedience and disobedience, and between receiving mercy or punishment.

Prophecy reminds people who have chosen to follow God in the past of their decision in order to encourage them to keep on in their committment (Revelation 2:4-5Read the context of Revelation 2:4-5). Prophecy reminds people of their past sins and disobedience and the resulting punishment in order to bring people back to God’s mercy and forgiveness. It reveals what could or should have been in order to press upon people the importance of present decisions. It reminds people of what has gone wrong in order to make it right again.

Question: What good or bad choices have affected your life the most?