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Past Revelations

God is a revealer. It is not incumbent upon God to reveal himself to us, but he has chosen to do just that. God shows a little of his glory, his love, his justice, and his person in order to draw people into a relationship with him. God progressively reveals more throughout history about himself, our world, and ourselves. Our understanding grows because he has taken the initiative to find us and show us what is real.

Prophecy points back to what God has already shown his people, in order for us to understand who he is, who we are in him, and where he (and we) are going in history. Prophecy brings past revelation into clearer focus. Much of biblical prophecy consists of restatements of past revelation.

If prophecy does not stay true to past revelation it is false prophecy (Dueteronomy 13:1-5 Read the context of Dueteronomy 13:1-5). True prophecy never changes or does away with past prophecy, but rather fulfills or enlarges it.

Questions: What has God revealed about himself in the past?
Why would he have to remind people about that?

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