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Past Care

God has shown himself worthy of worship. He has cared for his people. He has protected the lonely, the afflicted, the downcast. The poor have been made rich, the weak strong, the spiritually empty full. God brought his people out of slavery, parted the waters, fed his people in the wilderness, and gave them the land of promise. God sent judges to save his people from conquering hordes, he sent leaders to free them from oppression, and brought them back from exile.

Time and again threats invaded the human landscape that seemed to put God’ plan in peril, but when God acted, his plan was fulfilled in the midst of this earthly travail. But often God acted only after his people cried out for his help. Prophecy points to God’s past protection in order to move people in the present to cry out to God, to turn to God and receive his present protection (Jeremiah 29:11 Read the context of Jeremiah 29:11). What God has done in the past he is able to do today.

Question: Why hasn’t God always protected his people from harm?

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