The following are books or articles I have written in the area of theology.

Essays in Biblical Interpretation

During the course of my graduate work in Biblical studies I had the opportunity to write many lengthy essays on topics surrounding Biblical interpretation, particularly focusing on modern Pentecostal perspectives. This body of work was compiled and edited, and has been made freely available via a free online book.

Many of the essays were written with scholarly audiences in mind, particularly those familiar with modern evangelical Christian theological discourse. The entire work was composed by myself. The selected chapter below focuses on American pluralism and contemporary theological responses to pluralism.

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I Found You

I Found You is a short book of theological philosophy written over a span of about seven years. This monograph is intended for a non-scholarly audience. The book focuses on the search for truth and true knowledge in a strange and seemingly incomprehensible world.

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An Apologetic of Signs and Wonders in Luke-Acts

This scholarly piece was written to fulfill the thesis requirements for my MA in Biblical Studies. My thesis focuses on presenting an analysis of signs and wonders passages from Luke and Acts, particularly pointing to their function in context as presenting an apologetic (defense) of the good news of Jesus.

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Society for Pentecostal Studies Presentation:
The Role of Experience in the Interpretation of Miracle Narratives in Lucan Literature

After defending my thesis, I decided to further develop the topic of modern pentecostal hermeneutics as the basis for a presentation at the annual meeting of the Society for Pentecostal Studies (SPS). The annual meetings are mainly attended by pentecostal lecturers, Bible professors, and theologians from Bible colleges and seminaries around the United States. This presentation thus spoke to a scholarly pentecostal audience, and synthesized and evaluated modern pentecostals’ experiential Biblical interpretation and application. The presentation was later published in the annual proceedings of the SPS.

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Society for Pentecostal Studies Presentation:
Free and open: Web 2.0 and the extension of Pentecostal education

This presentation dealt with the use of Web 2.0 tools by Pentecostals in discipleship and education environments. These new tools allow for social interaction and collaboration, and for the creation of constructivist learning environments. The intended audience is Bible scholars, teachers, pastors, and missionaries. The main thrust of the argument is that we ought to use the free and open tools at our disposal to make our theological education and discipleship resources free and open to the world.

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