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Emily, Bob, and Grace Wadholm

About Bob Wadholm

I am a UI/UX designer and philosopher living in Orlando with my wife, Grace. I was previously an Associate Professor of Information Systems & Philosophy at a small college in North Dakota, and I am a PhD candidate (ABD) in Information Science & Learning Technologies at the University of Missouri with an emphasis in philosophy.

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Introduction to the Portfolio

This portfolio is a brief presentation of examples of my work as a Bible scholar and religious instructor, instructional designer and developer, and Web designer, and as a student in Biblical Studies (BA’99 and MA’05) and Instructional Systems Technology (MSEd’09) and Information Science & Learning Technologies with Philosophy Emphasis (PhD cand.). My work is in the development of online distance education materials, courses, and programs in religious private higher education settings. This portfolio highlights work I have done related to this area.

Photograph of An Apologetic of Signs and Wonders in Luke-Acts


My interests in theology center on hermeneutics, theocentric philosophy, discipleship and social media, Luke/Acts, and Peter Abelard. I have been a member of the Society for Pentecostal Studies, the Society of Biblical Literature, and the Society for Christian Philosophers, and have published several works on theology, hermeneutics, and philosophy. One of my latest books is a novel titled "Mind".

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Screenshot of Learning to Blog, Blogging to Learn instructional Web site


I have been involved in analyzing, designing, developing, implementing, and evaluating instruction and teach college courses in information systems, philosophy, theology, and world religions. My interests include hermeneutics, the metaphysics of knowledge, the ethics of open knowledge, Peter Abelard, Plato, Luke-Acts, analytics, and learning technologies. Recent books include Essays in Philosophy (2014), Mind (2016), On Hermeneutics (2017), and Known to Be (2020).

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Screenshot of a IU College of Arts and Sciences Web site


I am a Web/instructional design consultant, with many large clients in the past including Indiana University and the University of Missouri. I have designed and built over one hundred higher education Web sites (including that of Indiana University’s College of Arts and Sciences). I have also headed up design projects focusing on social media, and have experience in creating a wide range of instructional graphics and digital interfaces.

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